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What Our Clients Say

Quentin and Margherita presented a true gem – a rare mix of evidence-based material delivered in a highly nuanced and adaptive format that enabled a transformation.

Executive Director, Hospital Services

I feel that you have given me a gift. I received what I consider world-class leadership development from people I feel personally attuned with. An extraordinary experience. Sometimes, to simply be heard is exquisite relief, and I believe for me, the feedback will form the platform and fuel to create positive changes.

Neil Cunningham General Manager, Emerald Plant Environmental

You are both artisans with your tools and that enables you to make a difference. Your experience and passion shines through. Thank-you for sharing your expertise and passion in delivering the leadership outcomes for our team. The response to this process has been positive in large part a reflection of the confidence the team placed in both of you to deliver the program. You took a great interest in partnering with us to achieve the desired outcomes, were flexible in building a program and deliver with a unique blend of respect and professionalism.

Frank Volckmar COO, Objective

The team culture session added real value to the executive team by helping us focus on the "how" of our interactions, not just the "what." A particular strength of this approach was the immediacy of collecting and debriefing team culture results using the Circumplex Team Scan™ (CTS) "real-time" function. We now have practical new ways of behaving to enhance our team’s effectiveness.

Marion Schuddinh Vice President Human Resources, Cobham Aviation Services

Smart Companies who Invest in their Culture Capital

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