Culture Capital Group

We help clients invest in and create healthy workplaces, where people do meaningful work and have meaningful relationships.

Culture Capital Group is a culture change consultancy with a global network of consultants, research collaborators and business partners, united by a passion for delivering evidence-based behaviour and relationship solutions to our clients.

Our unique approach utilises the latest in network science—relationship analytics,  and interpersonal behavioural theory—behaviour analytics.  When combined with our “real time” culture change technology, the speed and success of culture change increases dramatically.

Our Founders

The speed and reach of connections today is extraordinarily powerful… and I get a buzz when those connections lead to new insights, and new ways of working for our clients.

Margherita Larné-Jones
Co-founder and Managing Director
Margherita Larné-Jones & Quentin Jones

There is nothing more satisfying than when a client has an “ah ha” moment that shifts them in a new direction. Everything we do is aimed at creating more of those moments.

Quentin Jones
Co-founder and Managing Director

Margherita and Quentin bring over 50 years combined, international consulting expertise in culture and leadership change.

Despite the big job of running a vibrant, international consulting and distribution business, they like nothing better than facilitating a leadership group to the point where leaders have profound insights about their own behaviour, its impact on others and on the culture around them, and then guiding them along the path to aligning their culture and leadership.

In other words, they love what they do. Period.

Our Culture Capital Group

We are based in Melbourne… the world’s second (!) most liveable city.

Under the Culture Capital Group, we offer a broad range of culture change and leadership development consulting solutions. Along with the Culture Capital brand, we have two other brands: Interpersonal Solutions—behavioural analytics  and ONA Solutions—relationship analytics. These two brands operate as speciality diagnostic companies to support our clients to invest effectively in culture.

Our world-class Culture Capital Advisory Team has deep knowledge of and expertise in culture alignment and can work along side you to build your organisation’s culture capital to ensure it supports your strategy.

In addition, for clients wanting to build internal capability and for independent consultants wanting to expand their consulting offer, Certification is available through Interpersonal Solutions  for the circumplex-based diagnostics and ONA Solutions  for the network analysis tools.

Alternatively, we have an global network of highly experienced consultants who are certified in our behaviour and relationship analytics solutions.

Melbourne - the world’s most livable city
Culture Capital - Investing in culture and leadership
Interpersonal Solutions - Behaviour Analytics
ONA Solutions - Relationship Analytics

Our Partners

We practice what we preach and operate as a network organisation to access and bring to market the most exciting innovations in the culture change, leadership development, and talent development fields from around the world.


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