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Our Culture Investment Strategy™ makes it easy for you to analyse your organisation’s culture capital to determine where there are liabilities, gives you access to world-class culture activation and alignment solutions to make culture a valuable asset, and provides a competitive advantage.

Whilst culture has many layers, we at Culture Capital focus on interpersonal behavioural norms  as the most easily observed, measured, and influenced aspect of culture. How people interact and communicate with each other is a reliable manifestation of the deeper layers of culture. And as such, analysing, activating, and aligning these interpersonal behavioural norms becomes the key to culture change.

Culture Investment Strategy™

Our Culture Investment Strategy™ utilises the latest in network science—relationship analytics  and interpersonal theory—behaviour analytics.  When combined with our “real-time” culture change technology, the speed and success of culture change increases dramatically.

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Invest in CULTURE™

Culture is a social transaction and its basic currency is interpersonal behaviour. The first step to understanding whether your culture is aligned to your values and whether it’s an asset or liability to achieving your strategy, is to measure it.

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Invest in TEAMS™

Adaptive and agile teams are increasingly critical for organisational performance and success. Getting team culture right is essential, because teams are where the organisation’s work gets done.

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Invest in NETWORKS™

Informal leaders, often referred to as key opinion leaders or influencers, are among the most underutilised assets for culture change.

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Culture Alignment Advisory

The Culture Capital Advisory Team has deep expertise in aligning organisations’ systems, processes, and structures with their ideal culture and values. Successful culture change depends on the alignment across these areas and with the organisation’s behavioural norms.

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Certification for the circumplex-based diagnostics and network analysis tools is available for clients wanting to build internal capability and independent consultants wanting to expand their consulting offer.

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