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Culture is a social transaction and its basic currency is interpersonal behaviour. The first step to understanding whether your culture is aligned to your values and whether it’s an asset or liability to achieving your strategy, is to measure it.

An essential foundation for organisational culture is interpersonal behavioural norms—the typical patterns of how people interact and communicate with each other. Interpersonal behaviour is the most easily observed, measured, and influenced aspect of culture. How people interact is a reliable manifestation of the deeper layers of culture. And as such, assessing, understanding, and influencing these behavioural norms becomes the key to culture change.

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Circumplex Culture Scan™ (CCS) Current and Ideal

The most widely adopted model for conceptualising, organising, and assessing interpersonal behaviours is the interpersonal circumplex (IPC).

The Circumplex Culture Scan™ (CCS) is the contemporary adaptation of the IPC used to measure both the ideal and current culture of an organisation.
The CCS measures interpersonal behavioural norms or organisational culture, and associated outcomes such as engagement.

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