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Adaptive and agile teams are increasingly critical for organisational performance and success. Getting team culture right is essential, because teams are where the organisation’s work gets done.

Teams are more and more in the spotlight as traditional hierarchies are being replaced with more flexible, adaptive or agile network structures. As tight hierarchical control is replaced by mission-driven groups of diverse specialists, the culture or “social glue” that holds teams together needs to be recognised, nurtured, and aligned with the organisation’s values and ideal culture behavioural norms.

In his best-selling book, General Stanley McCrystal describes the organisational structure required for the 21st century as a “team of teams,” where organisations can scale up the inherent strengths of small teams—trust, information richness, collaboration, and responsiveness—into an organisation-wide team of teams.

As with organisational culture, the first steps for understanding whether your team culture is aligned to your values and whether it’s an asset or a liability to achieving your strategy, is to measure it.

There are two “real-time” team alignment tools that can help drive high performance teams.

CTS - The True Edge In Team Culture

Circumplex Team Scan™ (CTS) Current and Ideal

The most widely adopted model for conceptualising, organising, and assessing interpersonal behaviours is the interpersonal circumplex (IPC).

The Circumplex Team Scan™ (CTS) is the contemporary adaptation of the IPC used to measure both the ideal and current culture of a team.
The CTS measures interpersonal behavioural norms within a given team, and includes outcome questions that are focused on the team and how it functions.


Sociomapping provides your organisation with a powerful and easy to use tool to boost team performance. It is a “real-time” organisational network analysis (ONA) application that analyses and visualises team dynamics, communication patterns, and many other aspects of relationships with teams.

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