Culture Investment Strategy™

Our Culture Investment Strategy™ utilises the latest in network science—relationship analytics  and interpersonal theory—behaviour analytics. When combined with our “real-time” culture change technology, the speed and success of culture change increases dramatically.

Our three-phased approach includes a suite of contemporary and integrated Culture Solutions and Leadership Solutions to Analyse,  Activate,  and Align  culture.

Approach to culture change
Culture Change - Analyse

1. Analyse

Culture Capital’s first phase, Analyse, is unique in quantifying culture by measuring behaviour (behaviour analytics),  and measuring the structure that culture flows in (relationship analytics).

This dual approach provides leaders with significantly more insights to culture than traditional approaches to measuring culture or engagement. Put simply, culture is about improving behaviour and relationships.

In the Analyse phase, behaviours are measured at the organisation level using the Circumplex Culture Scan™ (CCS) and at the team level using the Circumplex Team Scan™ (CTS). Along with using the latest science and contemporary models to measure culture, we use state of the art mobile technologies to collect and debrief your culture results… instantaneously.  Participants use their mobile devices to connect to our survey platform and complete their surveys “real-time” in the room. Responses are aggregated and displayed for immediate debriefing and action planning.

No more waiting around for months for survey results to be collated and reported on.

In addition, relationships and social networks are analysed and visualised using the culturemapper™ tool, and the sociomapping tool.

Culture Change - Activate

2. Activate

If 2 in 3 culture change projects fail, it’s time to review our basic assumptions about the how  of culture change and to move away from traditional top-down approaches.

There is a major shift going on at the moment about our understanding of how behaviour change happens. Importantly, it is the recognition that culture is a social process and change is dependent on activating the organisation’s social networks. Key players in this dynamic are influencers,  informal leaders who often go unnoticed, but who sometimes collectively have greater reach into social networks than their leaders.

In the Activate phase, the Invest in LEADERS™ program, which uses the CLS360, sets up the senior leadership team to play their critical role in leading the culture alignment process. The Invest in INFLUENCERS™ program, which uses the CBS360, equips the influencers to effectively partner and form a powerful collaboration with the senior leaders.

Culture Change - Align

3. Align

We are often confronted by the disconnect between what is stated as important and the reality of the behaviour in action.

Culture Capital’s Align phase focuses on providing people leaders at all levels, teams and individual talent, feedback about any mismatches between their current behaviour and the agreed ideal behaviours.

The Invest in LEADERS™ program using the CLS360, provides people leaders at all levels, with specific behaviour feedback required to achieve alignment.

The Invest in TEAMS™ program, focuses on aligning team behaviours using the CTS, and is ideally run after the team leader has received their CLS360 feedback.

The Invest in TALENT™ program uses the CBS360 to develop and align individual talent’s behaviour.

Along with aligning behaviour at the leadership, team and individual level, it is critical to review the context that is driving behaviour—the organisation’s systems, processes and structures. For example, the organisation may have a stated value of teamwork  but people are incentivised for individual performance.

The Culture Capital Advisory Team has deep expertise in aligning your organisation’s systems, processes and structures, with your ideal culture and values.

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