An important way to spread culture change is to work through influential members of an organisation’s informal structure, who have credibility at many levels.

Behind an organisation’s formal structure is an informal structure or “web of relationships” that drives growth, innovation, and overall organisational performance. These often invisible people are referred to as influencers  or opinion leaders  and are key to successful culture change. Once identified, these informal leaders work with formal leaders to inspire others to support culture change.

Important steps in equipping influencers for their change leadership role is coaching and other development experiences such as 360º feedback about their behaviour, and its alignment with the organisation’s values and ideal culture.

CBS360 - The True Edge In Behaviour

Circumplex Behaviour Scan 360º (CBS360)

The most widely adopted model for conceptualising, organising, and assessing interpersonal behaviours is the interpersonal circumplex (IPC).

The CBS360
The Circumplex Behaviour Scan 360º(CBS360) is an evidence-based interpersonal circumplex tool that scientifically measures the full range of interpersonal behaviours, providing insight into how an individual interacts with others.
This insight empowers an individual to create measureable behaviour change linked to improved performance.
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HPS360 - The True Edge In Personality

HEXACO Personality Scan 360º (HPS360)

The value in learning about personality is that it can inform an individual about the situations where a preferred behavioural style will prove to be a boon and when it might become a hindrance. Research is showing that people’s personalities interact with elements of their working environments to predict specific work outcomes.

The HPS360
The HEXACO Personality Scan 360 ° (HPS360) is an evidence-based, scientifically rigorous assessment of normal personality based on Ashton and Lee’s HEXACO personality framework. Individuals gain insight not only into how they view their own personality but also how others view their personality — that is, a full 360° view of personality.
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