Wanted: teams and organisations interested in measuring and changing their culture in real time.

CLS360 Pty. Ltd. is excited to announce the beta-testing release of two new surveys, the Circumplex Team Scan™ (CTS) and the Circumplex Culture Scan™(CCS), developed in collaboration with Professor Ken Locke of the University of Idaho. We are looking for a diverse sample of teams and organisations to help us complete the testing of these surveys and establish Australian norms.

What makes the CTS and CCS surveys unique?

Scientific Standards: Both surveys meet the scientific standards of a ‘true interpersonal circmplex’ due to the collaboration with, and oversight of Professor Locke, an eminent interpersonal circumplex researcher.      

Measures Interpersonal Behaviour: True to Timothy Leary’s ground breaking 1950’s research, the CTS and CCS measure the range of interpersonal behaviour found in teams and organisations.

Interpersonal behaviour is one of the most observable (and therefore measurable) aspects of team and organisational culture, and a reliable outcome of the deeper layers of culture. Because culture influences outcomes (e.g., performance) through its impact on individual and group behaviour, actual interpersonal behaviour is the ‘bottom line’ of any culture assessment.

Real-Time Measurement and Change: Along with employing the latest science and a contemporary model that describes interpersonal behaviour, the CTS and CCS are implemented using state-of-the-art mobile technology. Participants use their mobile devices – smart phones, tablets, or laptops– to conveniently connect to the survey platform and complete their culture assessments. Responses are aggregated in real time so results can be displayed for immediate debriefing and action. No more waiting for survey results!

To take part in this exciting new research and survey development – contact Quentin Jones (quentin@cls360.com) or Margherita Larné-Jones (margherita@cls360.com) for more information.


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