Managing the darker side of leaders’ behaviour has become a major challenge for organisations. Leaders play a unique role in the life of organisations. Their influence can either energise, or leave followers disillusioned and at worst suffering long-term emotional and psychological scars. Along with the personal costs suffered, research is also quantifying the organisational costs of not managing destructive leadership behaviour.

Leadership research has taken a dramatic shift in recent years. From a focus on the ‘bright side’ of leadership, to a post-GFC realization that the ‘dark side’ of leadership can have devastating effects on our businesses, public institutions and the everyday lives of people in the form of lost retirement savings.

This session presents the fascinating new research triggered by the GFC into the dark side of leadership, its costs, how to recognise it, and most importantly how to manage it to minimise its impacts.

From this presentation you will:

  • Understand the drivers of destructive leadership via the leadership behaviour triangle
  • Appreciate the costs of destructive leadership
  • Review the 3 major sub-types of toxic leadership
  • Explore how the ‘gold standard’ 360 diagnostics, HEXACO & Leadership Circumplex CLS360, measure the Dark Triad
  • Reflect on your own propensity to use the Dark Triad
  • Gain strategies to manage the destructive leadership

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