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Informal leaders, often referred to as key opinion leaders  or influencers,  are among the most underutilised assets for culture change.

With the increasing recognition that culture change is not a technical project to manage, but rather a social process to influence, organisational network analysis (ONA) applications that map the relationships between people, are becoming increasingly useful for identifying these influencers.

Influencers are individuals who are well connected and seen by their peers as important sources of information who role-model behavioural norms that are aligned with the organisation’s values and aspirational culture. They can be formal leaders, but more commonly they are “informal” leaders. These individuals may not show up on the organisational chart, but nevertheless they play an enormous role in how  the organisation’s work gets done and in shaping the culture.

Analysing, activating, and aligning influencers is critical to successful culture change.



Whist the CCS measures what the culture is, culturemapper visualises how  the culture “flows” in the organisation by identifying  an network of influencers.

Culturemapper uses organisational network analysis (ONA) to map these influencer networks.

Identifying, investing in, and activating influencers is critical to successful culture change.



Sociomapping provides your organisation with a powerful and easy to use tool to boost team performance. It is a “real-time” organisational network analysis (ONA) application that analyses and visualises team dynamics, communication patterns, and many other aspects of relationships with teams.

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